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Dreams, Work and persistence

A company with almost 15 years of experience. BinaryDragon arises from an exponential growth in the activities of its founder Ricardo Campos. The brands and services of i2i and iRFC now belong to the company BinaryDragon, Lda.

For us, the crisis is a factor of creativity, rejuvenation, solidity. We offer originality through responsibility

BinaryDragon’s culture is that of permanent updating at the service of our customers

Meet our tem

Our Distinguished Partners

Our Timeline

BinaryDragon, Lda
Google Street Photographer
i2i - Sight Beyond Sight
DJI Afiliate
iRFC - Web, Branding, Design, Techs
Apple Associated
Apple Certified Coordinator
Apple Certified Technician
Inicio iForApps
Some of our services

From graphic design to web design, from equipment to hosting, from digital advertising to biographical book, from photography to virtual tours …


Dynamic and responsive websites with an attractive look that values your company even more

Graphic Design

From the business card to the complete dossier of your brand, we carry out numerous graphic design works

Professional Photography

Whether institutional, events, or product we capture moments with all their essence.

Virtual Tours

360º photography with programming to showcase your property or your company, without leaving your home.


Promotional videos, institutional videos, reports
Drone filming, Water filming, Short films, one of our most exciting areas


With our own studio and musicians at our disposal we can create your jingle, the music of your video, record your project, create sound for your video, be the voice of your company.

Digital Marketing

Through an extensive and complex analysis, we suggest where and how your advertising strategy should be. We have several plans to increase and implement your brand.

Social Networks

We create, manage, promote your brand, company or product, using algorithms specialized in increasing your number of followers. Consult us to know.


From the revisions of their texts, to the graphic editorial layout,
We make your book, we make your catalog, your magazine, we edit your website.


It is essential that your website, your posts, your projects are always in more than one language. Ask us for a quote.


Because running out of systems and equipment nowadays causes huge losses to your business, we do preventive maintenance on all your equipment.

Web Hosting

We have hosting plans for your website very competitive and with the security that your company needs, professional G-Suite solutions from Google.

Can we help your company?

Our Team

We are a solid, creative team with a fantastic mood

Ricardo Campos

Webdesigner | Drone Operator | Editor | Google Photographer

Coming Soon...

Manuel Guerra


Born and raised in Cascais area, based on the same area, practicing professional photography in freelance mode.
After a training with a strong artistic and visual aspect, he completed the Industrial Design course at the School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, subsequently pursuing a career in photography, his favorite art form and childhood passion. With an observant eye and face-to-face sensitivity, the documentary approach in his work is reflected in a coherent line of storytelling and great versatility of the subject to be photographed.

Rui Duarte

Systems Maintenance

Biography Coming Soon

Sara Colin

Training & Mentoring

With a degree in Public Relations and Advertising and a certified trainer, Sara has always been passionate about communication and human relations.
He worked in Public Relations and in the commercial area, but specialized in Team Management, a role she played in the last years of corporate work.
It was in this role that she discovered her great passion: to enhance the best of each one, to stimulate their abilities and to make them reach beyond, to places often unimaginable. She had the possibility to challenge herself, to grow, to know herself and to constantly learn and evolve, through the sharing of experiences, challenges, doubts, barriers and successes.
With this passion and “baggage” he built SCTM, a training and mentoring project in behavioral skills and human development, which aims to take this experience beyond its barriers, stimulating the best of each one, because potential without action and results is just a possibility!

Adriana Barreiros

Writing and Translation


Luís Rodrigues

Drone Operator: Film and Photography

What do we do?